Readers' Choice Awards

Get recognized as a winner and promote your brand.

Star Metroland Media runs over 60 Readers’ Choice programs annually across our news brands.  These local campaigns recognize the “best of” businesses in up to 500 categories from Automotive to Dining to Heath & Wellness and Home Improvement.  Each year over 30,000 businesses are recognized as official Readers’ Choice Winners.

How does the program work?

There are three (3) distinct phases to our program.

  1. Nomination Phase. We first ask our readers to nominate their favourite local businesses in any number of relevant categories.  At the end of the nomination phase, those businesses who have received the most nominations in each category become our Official Nominees and move on to the second phase.
  2. Voting Phase. We then publish our list of Official Nominees online and call on our Readers again to cast their votes for their favourite businesses across the different categories.
  3. Winners Phase. The top businesses in each category are named winners are awarded either Diamond, Platinum, or Gold certifications.

How do I Leverage this Opportunity?

PARTICIPATE!  Nominate yourself.  Engage your full customer base and solicit their participation to see you advance throughout the contest.  Get your brand front and centre.  Utilize your social media, newsletters and email marketing tactics to gain your well-earned endorsements. Check out our active Readers’ Choice programs across our publications here.

How can we help?

Star Metroland Media has assisted many local businesses with their Readers’ Choice promotion for 25+ years.  We know how to guide you through your journey.  We offer ready-made and budget friendly packages that include opportunities to promote your business in each stage of the program.

Need more Information?

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