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Drive brand awareness through storytelling

As an organization that specializes in storytelling, we know that every company, every brand, has something valuable and exciting to say to its clients and potential customers. And we bring more than 140 years of expertise to help you do so.



  • Encourage customers to interact with your business
  • Build your brand’s identity as an expert
  • Distinguish your brand from the competition
  • Introduce new products and/or services
  • Build brand awareness via reader engagement
  • Reach more people through our established audience
  • Drive SEO for your website


We apply the spirit of journalism with data and insights to create highly effective content. We’ll help you craft an article, infographic, etc., and publish it alongside relevant, independent editorial content, print or digital. (And if you want to explore podcasting or video, we can help there too.)

  • Optimization – we monitor and analyze how and why your content is being consumed and make adjustments if necessary
  • Amplification – we can amplify your content through our social media accounts and in native ads across our properties. For larger content programs, we can even guarantee the number of page views your features will receive
  • Quality engagement – we work to deliver your content to a high-quality audience
  • Our print and online properties have the attention of 13.1 million people weekly, with an average of 11.3 million unique monthly visitors to the Torstar Digital Network*. Tap into our large, highly engaged audience.


*Sources: Total Footprint – IMS MediaMix, Vividata Spring 2021 SCC, Comscore Multi-Platform Reach/Frequency (Q1-2021 averages) + internal Torstar circulation estimates and email statistics. Digital Audience and Profile: Comscore Media Metrix, Q1-2021 average.
*Vividata Spring 2021 Survey of the Canadian Consumer. Households: Torstar Circulation; includes home subscribers, flyers and community publications (number is factored for duplication). Registered Users – 1,000,000 as at Q1 2021.
12.3 Million
People Engaged Weekly*
10.7 Million
Monthly Unique Visitors*

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