Direct Mail

Hands-on content for a personalized experience


There’s nothing quite like getting addressed mail. In a digital-heavy world, direct mail offers a tangible experience to your audience and drives action when paired with special offers.

Why Direct Mail?

  • highly targeted – reach your ideal customers
  • customizable copy and design – address the unique needs of different audiences
  • complements digital marketing efforts – make your digital budget work harder
  • familiar/trustworthy format – customers more likely to open/read

Why us?

Star Metroland Media’s cutting-edge distribution technology, warehousing capabilities and mailing experience allow us to fulfil any direct-mail project. Our cost-effective and quality-controlled services include:

  • Reduced postage: we offer incentive rates based on volume
  • Address by customer: send mail to addresses from your customer database, or access the millions of Canadian households we reach every week
  • Preparation: our innovative systems accurately and quickly fold, insert, seal, label, tab and polybag your mailer
  • Database management: we manage customer data to Canada Post standards
  • Layout & design: our team of highly experienced artists design to your specifications for maximum results
  • Quality printing: our cutting-edge printing is capable of producing almost anything — magazines, calendars, brochures, reply cards and envelopes, etc.

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