Messages delivered to the right doorsteps


Flyers promote your special offers at scale and work hard to convert customers.

Why flyers?

  • Empower shoppers to make informed choices that fit their budget
  • Drive awareness and consideration of your brand’s offerings
  • Drive discovery of new products/services
  • Track and analyze ROI of your flyer campaigns
  • Provide a hands-on and “screen-free” browser experience
  • Remind customers that you’re open for business post-pandemic

Why us?

With more than 140 years of experience delivering well-designed, clear messaging to the GTA and beyond, we’re uniquely positioned to produce and distribute engaging flyers for your business.

From layout and design, to printing, and with exceptional targeting for delivery, our teams expertly get your message into the right hands. Our flyer team offers:

  • Full-service production
  • Direct-to-home delivery through 70+ community weeklies and six daily newspapers
  • Targeting by location (FSAs) and/or audience profiles
  • Quick turn-around
  • Optional digital inclusion on

PLUS we do flyer jackets if you want dominant impact with the weekly flyer delivery. Flyer jackets are a durable four-page wrap around the other flyers, putting your message front and centre as the first offer readers see.

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