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Deliver your products quickly, safely and on time


Need a simple and reliable way to deliver parcels to your customers? We’ve got you covered. Over nearly 150 years, we’ve perfected our home delivery network; parcel delivery is a natural service extension. We launched Metroland Parcel Services with a simple goal: provide clients with a cost-effective, premium service for “final mile” delivery in Ontario. Our top-notch infrastructure and technology features:

  • Warehouses, depots, trucking relationships, targeting capabilities, and partner relationships to support our clients needs
  • Option to provide pickup from client locations
  • Drop-off options now available in most of our local hubs
  • A network that includes a Toronto sort centre, 14 regional depots and 15,000 delivery contractors
  • Technology that can seamlessly integrate into your platform

What’s Included?

  • Real-time parcel tracking with photo proof of delivery
  • No hidden costs; no surcharges for residential delivery or peak volume, photo proof of delivery, redelivery
  • Delivery 7 days a week (for high volume clients, during peak season for ALL clients)
  • Next-day delivery service, with an option for standard 2–3 days

Why Work with Us?

  • We deliver hundreds of millions of newspapers and flyers every year in Ontario
  • We know this province and how to navigate it efficiently, from city centres to rural communities
  • We’re committed to offer the best value, premium final-mile parcel experience in Ontario (our fees are extremely competitive with the largest couriers in the province)

Additionally, we’re building the Canadian Parcel Network, a network of partners who, together, will allow us to cover over 80 per cent of Canada by 2022. Currently, we can provide 2–3 day delivery to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Montreal, Laval, and Quebec City.

Unlike all other carriers, we can offer extensive marketing support. Pair your parcel delivery with our other services to create a streamlined marketing and distribution plan. Our team has the expertise, talent, support, and tactics to cover almost any aspect of your marketing, from finding and keeping customers, to driving new customers to your ecommerce site, to delivering your products to their door.

Learn more about how our parcel services can help you develop and maintain a trusted relationship with your clients. Complete the form below and we will be in touch to help you get started.

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