Marketing where it matters

We are where millions of Canadians look for answers and where they learn about what matters most to their lives.

At Star Metroland Media, we represent a suite of Canadian-owned online and offline advertising products and over 80 trusted news brands.

More than that, we are where millions of Canadians, across the country, come to read and engage with the local and national stories and opinions that shape their lives. These rich and vibrant communities are hugely valuable to advertisers too.

Our unparalleled 1st party data means we know how to reach real people, with over a thousand audience segments around the country.  That means you can connect with the audiences you want to, in environments they trust, in a way that will have the greatest impact to your marketing goals.

Journalism that Canadians can trust
  • We reach 43% of Canadian adults every week.
  • We have 11.3m unique visitors a month
  • Over 80 trusted news brands
  • Award-winning, trusted journalism. Local focus, national impact.
  • Unparalleled insights into our loyal audience


Sources: Total Footprint – IMS MediaMix, Vividata Spring 2021 SCC, Comscore Multi-Platform Reach/Frequency (Q1-2021 averages) + internal Torstar circulation estimates and email statistics. Digital Audience and Profile: Comscore Media Metrix, Q1-2021 average.

Data that drives results
  • Data-driven, micro-targeting to millions of Canadians on and offline
  • Combined first-party data sets and second and third-party data to ensure campaigns target the right audience
  • Machine learning to create custom audiences and optimise campaigns
  • Access to over 1,000 audience segments
Solutions Tailored for Your Business
  • Full funnel and brand safe marketing solutions
  • Turnkey, cross-platform, measurable – and easily managed with one contact
  • Expertise and service from our team of marketing specialists and content creators